Galen writes predominantly about trans issues and day-to-day life as a trans woman. Her work spans from opinion, education, and advocacy pieces to pieces of a more literary nature. Often enough, her work falls somewhere between the two. She is currently working on a novel, and occasionally dabbles in short fiction.

At this time, all of Galen’s work is self-published on Medium.com. Her pieces can be found in the Medium publication TransSubstantiation. This publication is also open to submissions from other trans folks and allies. If you are interested in submitting to TransSubstantiation, please reach out via the Contact page.

Personal Essays

“My Wife Didn’t Know I Was a Woman Until Over a Decade Into Our Relationship”
“A Letter to a Trans Woman at a Restaurant I Go To – An Ode, a Lament”
“A Conversation With Someone That Cares About Me”
“The Death of Mr. Mitchell – Why I Abandoned My Students in Order to Transition”

Advocacy Pieces

“On Being ‘Uber-Gay’ – Trans Women and Sexual Orientation”
“You Don’t Have to Recognize My Womanhood – But You Do Have to Recognize My Humanity”
“Why Be a ‘Trans Woman,’ When You Can Be a ‘Woman?'”
“Queerness, Choice, and Assimilation – Why ‘Choice’ Has Nothing to Do With Equal Rights”