Galen Mitchell (she/her) is a writer, musician, and post-butch femme living in Minneapolis, MN.

When not writing, making music, or working her day job, Galen likes eating nachos, and making vegan food for her partner and two kids. Sometimes, she plays video games. Lately, FFXIV.

You can find her on social media, if you really want to:


Galen writes periodically about her experiences as a trans woman—and trans issues more broadly—on her Medium Publication TransSubstantiation. A few highlights include:

Once upon a time, she also wrote a piece for INTO, “Not Just Trans Representation, But Trans Celebration,” about how trans folks are represented in the media.

In addition to the above, Galen currently has three short stories that she is pretty sure will edit and submit themselves if she spends enough time on Twitter.


Galen writes sad girl music. Her current project, Poster Robot, is heavily influenced by emo and 80’s alternative and indie rock. An EP is planned for release sometime in 2021.

Previously, Galen was the singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist in Ersatz Robots—a solo project that briefly turned into a Denver-based trans supergroup comprised of some of the best trans musicians in Denver: Miriam Suzanne, Gwyneth Rose, and Josselyn Cool. Ersatz Robots only played one show before Galen moved to Minneapolis, but it was pretty rad. Someday Ersatz Robots will live again.

From her teens to her mid twenties, Galen had an acoustic bedroom emo project, I Know It’s Not Much. Thankfully, there are few traces of this project’s existence left on the internet.